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Discovering joy in unexpected places – a journey into Down's syndrome, Dyspraxia & Autism

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Monday’s Child

Photo by Daniel Watson on Unsplash

Monday’s child went to school,

As she does, as a rule.

She was quieter than of late

The teacher said.

I’ll keep an eye, said I

Tuesday’s child stayed at home, unwell.

As she often is: not well.

We passed the time

Singing songs in rhyme.

Tube feeding, tea drinking, clock watching our day away.

Wednesday’s child remained off school.

It’s never just one day, as a rule.

We built a den,

And dreamed of when

She would be well, not ill again.

Thursday’s child went back to school

Was this the right call or was I a fool?

It mattered not,

The door was shut.

Turned away, for no teacher was well enough to teach her that day.

Friday’s child is in the lap of the gods!

Her parents and teachers are in no way at odds.

But days lost mount; by a quarter, I counted up.

As Educators told by those in power to pipe down, get on, shut up.

In schools, in SEND, and in our home, a week is a mountain to climb and a very long time

Saturday’s child and Sunday’s child

Remain as before, weekend care needs refuse to yield.

But hope has space to grow; assisting with next week’s worries to beat.

Like will Thursday’s child be on repeat?

I’ll keep an eye, say I.